AUTOMATIC PARKING SYSTEM Fully automatic handling system. AUTOMATIC PLANT Fully automatic handling system. AUTOMATIC PARKING SYSTEM (Download pdf version)


Undergroung automated parking system - car storage automatic


Fully automatic handling system.

This fully automatic handling system is suitable to the garage's small, medium and large.

The benefits definitely won't go unnoticed, such as the retraining of the area in which it is situated, the optimisation of spaces, the protection of the automobile from any damage (vandalism or weather) and a lesser amount of exhaust gas emitted during parking operations (manoeuvres take place automatically and with the engine off).

All of our textures can be buried or made on the surface.

Automated systems are technologically advanced solutions that allow you to solve problems related to the lack of parking spaces.

BSP Engineering offers a wide range of custom solutions, more than 30 models and dozens of different movements, solutions and custom fruit of a highly innovative technology, delivering safety and reliability. All our parking systems can be certified by bodies recognized internationally approved and manufactured according to the European standard of reference EN14010.

Send us your drawing with an empty space and we will provide you with the best solution, with the largest number of cars to be inserted, at the lowest cost.